Christopher Kai

Speaker, Author, Coach

About Christopher

As an ambitious entrepreneur, your best way to grow your business is to network with more successful people. Award-winning entrepreneur Michael Simmons found through his extensive research into network science that “open networks” (where you meet a diverse group of individuals) is the best predictor of success.

Success isn’t about who you know. It’s about who you want to know. It’s not about “working the room.” It’s about finding and working the right room. Christopher Kai’s book, program and services show you specific strategies and systems to help you drive revenue and grow your business through life-changing Big Game relationships.

Christopher Kai is the founder and CEO of KGL, a strategic-consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs build their businesses one premium client at a time. He is an international speaker and bestselling author. Christopher is also the founder of Mondays at the Mission, the only homeless youth program of its kind at the largest private shelter in the United States. Their 240 program speakers from 26 states and 28 countries (Elon Musk, Moby, and TED speaker Diana Nyad) have been featured on CNN, People, ABC, Time, the Ellen Degeneres Show and Oprah. Christopher has been featured on ABC, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, Buzz Feed, and Huffington Post.