Henning Morales

Speaker, Author, Filmmaker

About Henning Morales

Public company Founder and CEO, turned acclaimed filmmaker and author, Henning is widely considered a premiere motivational speaker and thought leader. His passion in providing motivation, guidance, coaching and mentorship to young people to enable them to lead happy and productive lives has become his life’s purpose.

His inspiration stems from his personal experience when, as a confused seventeen-year-old troublemaker, he met some high powered motivational masters who opened him up to age-old principles of success and happiness.

Henning is the author of the best-selling novel The Dirt Merchants; a brave, inspirational and triumphant true adventure.

‘Romancery’, a short film based on The Dirt Merchants, was recently premiered in Los Angleles. This music and image driven story is a conceptual trailer in the style of a music video consisting of captivating songs, stunning artistic imagery and explosive soundbites taken from the feature film script and novel. Romancery was so well received by audiences that a feature-length film ‘Rebelistic’ has been shot and is now in post- production.

Although Henning is involved in multiple projects including writing books, public speaking, event production and films, they all have one central theme: the direct coaching of ‘kids’ and the parents, aunts, uncles, coaches, teachers and other kids who influence them. He defines kids as young people (people just getting out of school) or people of any age who are young at heart.

Henning is co-founder of the Youth Mentorship
Forum. The Forum was founded to cater directly
to today’s youth and the specific challenges they
face and brings together experienced, successful leaders who have committed to support their communities by mentoring young people looking for small steps they can take to grow in a healthy, safe and successful manner.


Henning Morales is excited to join the speaker’s lineup this year with the Habitude Warrior Conference and Speaker Erik Swanson!