Manny Patrick

Speaker, Author, Podcast Host, Emcee

About Manny

Author, and sought out podcast host, Manny Patrick, was an entrepreneur and owner of three restaurants by the age of twenty-six. Success was short-lived, however, due to his lifestyle, addiction held him closely in their grip for over a decade. In November of 2015, at 29 years of age, Manny embraced a transformation that would change his life, forever. He traded his vices for a desire to become a better human being and a man who could tap into his true, limitless potential. Now, sober, Manny, a self-actualized man, is called on to inspire others after overcoming the struggles of life. His book “Loss Vegas,” has received wonderful praise, and his podcast “A Desire to Inspire” has featured wildly successful individuals, including, America’s #1 Habits & Attitude Coach Erik ‘Mr. Awesome’ Swanson, MLB Network analyst Eric Byrnes, 28 time best-selling author Greg Scott Reid, and NHL TV personality, Jamie Baker… among many others! Manny has teamed up with Speaker Erik Swanson to develop the Habitual Warrior Series and Interviews.

Habitude Warrior International and Habitude Warrior Conferences are among the leading authorities in the United States, Canada, and soon to be Australia & the U.K. in developing sales professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners & managers to new levels of personal and profes- sional growth of achievement. All of our Trainers are hand picked and have been personally coached by the top speakers of the world such as Brian Tracy, Erik Swanson & Tony Robbins!

Speaker & Trainer Manny Patrick has been traveling the United States sharing stages with his top Speakers and Authors from The Secret, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich Foundation, as well as the Habitude Warrior International Conferences. Manny’s training is very interactive and fast paced, packed with techniques for your team to increase productivity in any industry, in any mar- ket! Ask Manny about his “A Desire to Inspire” program! Change your habits, change your life!