Mina Arroyo

Speaker, Body Breakthrough Coach

About Mina Arroyo

Mina Arroyo is a young vibrant visionary and creator of the Body Breakthrough program, an online custom fitness transformation program specifically designed for men and women wanting to shape and transform their bodies and lives forever. 

Mina has helped hundreds of men and women take charge of their lives by laying down the foundation needed to truly find happiness physically, emotionally and spiritually. Mina has worked with famous influencers such as Nick Unsworth, John Lee Dumas, Adam Pliska and Katrina Ruth ( Loterzo) to name a few.  

Originally from Wilmington Delaware, Mina moved to California in 2012 to pursue a career in fitness.
After creating her own transformation from weak, unhealthy and a destructive lifestyle to being in the best shape of her life completely empowered and fulfilled, Mina began competing in bikini competitions to showcase her hard work.

She is now one of the top bikini athletes in the nation remaining top 5 in her class. 
Mina is a direct reflection of everything she represents, her physique is near perfection which shows that determination, discipline and the right mindset anything is possible. 

Her drive and passion for fitness has inspired her to create her dream business in health and wellness. 
By creating this program Mina is doing what she feels is her calling in life. Being able to spread her success and motivation with her peers is what sets her apart from the rest. 

As a leader and power woman she now helps men and women achieve their dream body through training, nutrition, mindset and accountability. 

Mina’s lifestyle mentors include, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer and Leo Gura. Personal development is a big part of Mina’s life as it’s a tool she uses to help herself and people around her.  

Mindset is a huge part of her vision as she believes that having the right mindset can create the ultimate body and life. We are super pleased to have her share the stage with Speaker Erik “Mr. Awesome” Swanson at his Habitude Warrior Conference coming up!