Phillip Hatfield

Speaker, Author, Coach

About Phillip

Phillip Hatfield is a fantastic Speaker, Author and Business Coach with Zig Ziglar Corporation. Raised in Fort Worth Texas and lives in Rockwall a suburb of Dallas and works for the Zig Ziglar corporation in Plano Texas.

A successful business man for over thirty years in the Hospitality / Hotel business, building and retail flooring sector. His book, “Carried By Angels,” is a work of inspiration and motivation from being knocked down many times and again after a major accident that left him disabled and an amputee.He spent several months in the hospital fighting for his life and came close to death 7 times in the first 10 days. As he says” My Greatest Tragedy Is My Greatest Blessing”.

Phillip speaks and travels all over helping, encourage and inspire people and business by sharing his story of hope and encouragement. He speaks to Church’s, Business, Associations and all faith based groups.

Phillips greatest story is the transformation of his life in 1998 and how his faith, family and friends have sustained and encouraged him to “Get back up” and succeed at life again. His passion is helping other people in all walks and stages of life to become transformed and life with their own purpose and passion. Phillip is the ultimate encourager and lights up the room just by walking into it with his big smile and the warmth of his personality.

A business coach, author and speaker who has overcome life’s biggest struggles, barriers and obstacles. Not letting any road block get in his way and stop him.