Holly Brauer, a Financial Advisor with a focus on ‘Financial Fitness,’ specializes in working with women investors, athletes, and business owners. She has a Master’s Degree in Financial Coaching, and as a fitness competitor is very involved in the sports and fitness industry. She has served 15 years in the military, serving two tours overseas, and has been blessed to travel to more than 65 countries. Her passion is helping others with their financial goals, so they can focus on their dreams. We are very pleased to bring Holly Brauer on to our Habitude Warrior Dream Team and Co-Emcees!


Byron Ingraham is an business strategist, best selling author, speaker and podcaster. Byron’s gift is developing business strategies linking the missing pieces together in a business to create success.  His focus is on creating integrated marketing strategies that encompass every part of a business.  When each part of a business works together in unison towards a specific goal, objectives can be achieved faster than any one part working alone. Byron is a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force where he specialized in developing businesses around the globe located on Air Force installations. His methods led to winning numerous awards for performance and top performing organizations.


Tammy is a Real Estate Investor Broker with a focus on Relational Capital. Through years of transactions, coaching and being a catalyst for others, she has made connecting with people the center of her business. Her reputation as a connector sets her apart in the industry. Tammy helps others build wealth not only in their business, but most importantly in how to connect beyond networking and to create lasting, quality relationships. Her vast experience in all aspects of real estate, including brokering and raising capital for multi-million dollar properties, has given her the opportunity to apply her relationship strategies in negotiations and getting to closings. Her WHY centers around her family, and Tammy is quick to seek adventures around the globe with her children, Marissa and Dre. Tammy enjoys the opportunity to serve others by speaking about the power of Relational Capital and Intentional Parenting.


Michael Patrick Green brings the Greatness out of People , and helps them find their  Passion within. He is A Speaker, Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Body Builder, and father of five awesome kids; with an Amazing wife of 27 years. His home is in the beautiful mountains of Northern Idaho. His philosophy is to be Inspired, to decide, to commit, and to manifest the desires  of  your heart and live your life on purpose! We are very pleased to have Mike Green join Speaker Erik Swanson as one of his Dream Team Members at the Habitude Warrior Conference.


Deborah Knight is an Empowerment Coach & Speaker. She has been a lifelong learner and practitioner of all things love and energy. She studied Co-Active Coaching through The Coaches Training Institute and is a Law of Attraction Practitioner. She believes that everything is energy and that once you tap into the correct energetic frequency everything begins to flow to you. Her life mission is to guide others to the frequency of their desires. Match the frequency of your desires and you can’t help but attract those desires.


Jenny Landon is the founder and executive director of Growing Out Of Darkness as well as the published author of Growing Through Grief. Her mission is to contribute something GOOD in the world specific to mental health and suicide prevention. She strives to raise awareness and end stigma while fostering hope and healing. Through Jenny’s personal and professional experiences, she has realized that the most effective measure to reducing the rate of depression and suicide is through demonstrating the importance of intentional living. She provides information rarely discussed in conjunction with mental health with the intention of helping her audience discover ways to pursue healthy, effective, and hope-filled lives.


Joshua M. Evans is the founder of Enthusiastic You!, a company that assists high potential organizations and individuals build passion and enthusiasm into their daily lives. He helps businesses positive cultures to promote employee engagement and increase customer loyalty. He believes that genuine enthusiasm is essential to our individual and organizational success. Josh’s mission is to help people rediscover and redevelop authentic passion for the work that they do. Joshua is also a #1 best selling author in Leadership / Management Training, TEDx host/curator, enthusiasm advocate, international speaker, and avid traveler.


Larayne Glidewell has previously run teen programs for kids who are living a clean and sober lifestyle teaching them to find activities that are positive in the community. She has run programs for Jeans for Justice in San Diego at local schools building leaders within the schools. There, they discussed bullying, violence in schools and low self esteem. She has held parenting classes for new parents to-be, helping them prepare for what’s to be expected. She also has worked in multiple pre-school settings, managing classrooms from infants to kindergarten and beyond. Her passion for growing strong, independent, young leaders has brought her to her designation as the Lead Team Leader and Instructor at the Junior Habitude Warrior Conferences.


Dominic Carubba is a Speaker, Trainer, Entertainer, Coach and published Author of the world’s shortest book on Success. He recently published “7 Pages To Success” and found a way to cut through the clutter and boil down over 30 years of Study and Experience into the “Ultimate Short Attention Span Guide to Loving Your Life and Reaching Your Full Potential.” He started his work in organizational development when he joined the Marines and has never forgotten what it means to work on a team and to serve a higher purpose. From the Marine Corps to Stand Up Comic, Dominic learned what makes people “tick” – and laugh – to not only motivate but to engage. As a leadership consultant, he enjoys small to mid-sized companies of 1 to 217 and is energized when he works with sales and marketing departments of any sized company.


Jennifer Evans is making a significant impact on the world through servant leadership and is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Jenerosity Foundation, whose mission is to empower people to reach optimal wellness. Previously, Jennifer served as Director of International Programs for Starkey Hearing Foundation where she trained teams of community-based health care workers in 45 countries throughout Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Jennifer is a graduate of the prestigious Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University. She is a proud member of Empowering a Billion Women by 2020, serves as Global Ambassdaor for Soul Sanctuary in the Desert and currently resides in Austin, Texas. Connect with her on Facebook & Instagram @JenerosityJen!


Holly Brauer, a Financial Advisor with a focus on ‘Financial Fitness,’ specializes in working with women investors, athletes, and business owners. She has a Master’s Degree in Financial Coaching, and as a fitness competitor is very involved in the sports and fitness industry. She has served 15 years in the military, serving two tours overseas, and has been blessed to travel to more than 65 countries. Her passion is helping others with their financial goals, so they can focus on their dreams. We are very pleased to bring Holly Brauer on to our Habitude Warrior Dream Team and Co-Emcees!


Jessica is a Leadership Coach with the Ascension leadership Program assisting individuals move to new heights in their careers as well as their personal lives. She is also a business developer for a litigation funding firm and legal service company in California. Volunteering for The Farley Project, where she speaks to inner city kids about character building and effects of bullying, Jessica comes to our Habitude Warrior Conferences as a leader in the community and assists us with our Junior Habitude Warrior Program teaching kids ages 8 to 18 in Confidence, Leadership, and Personal Development.


Sundy Johnson is a proven high performing real estate sales manager with Villagegreen Property Management. Since starting real estate residential sales in California in 1990, she has quickly developed a reputation as one of the top producers nationwide within her company for 3 consecutive years. She specializes in Sales, marketing and resident retention in the luxury apartment communities market.  Sundy’s favorite part of being a real estate leasing agent is assisting clients to find their perfect home, because it allows her to meet amazing people.  Also, seeing people love where they live brings tremendous satisfaction. We are very pleased to include Sundy as one of our Junior Habitude Warriors Facilitators and Habitude Warrior Conference Dream Team Member.


Alex Marlay has been an athlete for over 15 years, winning countless of championships. At a young age, he took his competitive edge from sports and applied it to business at 16 years old when he started his first venture. From then he launched his career in the finance industry to educate people on how money works. Along his journey, Alex has done whatever it takes to develop an unshakable character to push through all seasons of life. The mindset he has cultivated has built his relationship capital that is second to none. He is connected with great minds like Erik Swanson, Greg Reid, Sharon Lechter, Bill Walsh and many more speaking legends of the world!


Brad Powell is a video marketing coach and live videographer who teaches entrepreneurs how easy it is to create engaging video campaigns with just a smartphone and good storytelling. Brad inspires entrepreneurs to find everyday moments that make great marketing and he’s dedicated to helping small businesses get over the limiting belief that video marketing is too daunting. Brad speaks on Business Video, Video Marketing and the Power of Visual Storytelling. He’s spoken everywhere from Seattle to Boston to Brazil. His audiences include entrepreneurs, freelancers, professionals and students.


A Real Estate Investor, Educational Sales, Web Site Presence and servicing are all the ways William interacts and meets people, he connects and extends his family through his passion of photography. “Photography is not just a skill, and more than just art, peering through the lens, I FIND the moments of of expression, where life happens, where a person FEELS or EXPRESSES an emotion or catches inspiration.  The faces of people tell the stories of their lives, their experiences, the moment something is learned, gained and even lost. “I capture the REAL Life of people as it happens. The moments people want to share, talk about and remember.


Jillian Milam is a huge people person and is always looking to be of help to others.  She has been referred to as a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ on more than one occasion.  She has many skills in a variety of areas; from social media management to podcast production and graphic design to volunteer management. By trade she has been a professional photographer for over 12 years, she is big on building lasting relationships with her clients.   Jillian specializes in business portraits, knowing the importance of making a good first impression.  In the digital age that we are currently in, a lot of people ‘e-meet’ us before they meet us in person.  It is vital that we have a warm and welcoming photograph that really shows off who we are and what we are about.  She also enjoys product photography and has clients all around North America.  She believes that this type of photography shows true teamwork between the maker and herself.


Jig Patel, Founder of QORE1, is a successful entrepreneur, award-winning copywriter,
outstanding trainer, distinguished speaker and radio personality. With over 25 years of
experience, Jig is nothing short of a guru when it comes to marketing and communication.

He is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and helped build many successful businesses, most recently a multi-million dollar sales company. Having founded and grown his own businesses with up to several millions in annual revenue, Jig loves to share his life experiences for others to apply in their industries, making him one the most sought after speakers and trainers in the field of business and personal development.


Pat Minton is our VP of Operations for Habitude Warrior International. She oversees all logistics and daily activities within our Universal Seminars, Habitude Warrior, as well as the Habitude Warrior Conferences worldwide. Pat also takes care of our Sponsors as well as our Speaker Sponsors.Pat has been with the organization for more than 10 years and hails from the Atlanta, Georgia area.

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