Erik “Mr. AWESOME” Swanson’s MAUI MASTERMIND RETREAT is one of the best and most exclusive experiences you can attend to meet, greet, and be one and one with top, high end professionals, celebrities, and leaders from around the world. He brings in the BEST of the BEST! His rolodex of personal friends who attend his retreats will astonish you! This is an experience you will NEVER FORGET! Surround yourself with the top individuals in various industries. Sit shoulder to shoulder with top celebrities! Go on the Habitude Warrior Excursions with Mr. Swanson and his team of famous friends and experience a NEW LEVEL of Masterminding! This Mastermind is an INVITE ONLY! They are super valuable in growing your business and personal relationships. And it’s priced high for a reason! If you would like to be considered to attend the Maui Mastermind Retreat, simply send us your request through email and explain why YOU should be considered and why you would be an asset to everyone who attends.
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