Alex Marlay

Dream Team Member

About Alex

Alex Marlay has been an athlete for over 15 years, winning countless of championships. At a young age, he took his competitive edge from sports and applied it to business at 16 years old when he started his first venture. From then he launched his career in the finance industry to educate people on how money works.

Along his journey, Alex has done whatever it takes to develop an unshakable character to push through all seasons of life. The mindset he has cultivated has built his relationship capital that is second to none. He is connected with great minds like Erik Swanson, Greg Reid, Sharon Lechter, Bill Walsh and many more speaking legends of the world!

His passion lies in inspiring others to be the best versions of themselves so they can reach new heights in their lives. We are pleased to have Alex join us as a Habitude Warrior Conference Dream Team Member.