ashton harvey

About Ashton Harvey

Ashton Harvey is an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Leadership Development Trainer, and Innovative Business Consultant. He is the co-founder of Yellow Threads Co. A revolutionary clothing company that makes fashionable and medically adaptable clothing for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment, and one of the top experts in the field of business innovation helping entrepreneurs focus on achieving business significance over success in the marketplace something seldom ever taught in the entrepreneurial space. Ashton has also had the opportunity to personally learn from John Maxwell becoming a certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team one of the top certifications for leadership development in the world. He specializes in helping business leaders achieve significance through communication, collaboration, and innovation. He believes that no matter what area of business you are in or organization that your apart of, you are always dealing with people, so if you now how to build stronger relationships, and leverage the skills of adding value and influencing others you will never have to stress about success ever again. He founded “One Minute Mentors” with the vision to help people maximize their most valuable asset… TIME to make the greatest impact in their lives and communities with highly leveraging ROIT (Return on Invested Time). Ashton is also the creator of The Significant EDGE a program that he personally used to close million dollar sales opportunities, develop a strong network of relationships, and help other entrepreneurs do that same. He believes every person has the opportunity to truly live and experience life, they just have to make the decision to do so! He is super pleased to be included to speak on the same stage as Speaker Erik Swanson and the Habitude Warrior Conference Rockstars!