Austin Walsh

Internet Marketing Expert

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Austin Walsh, Internet Marketing Expert

Austin Walsh is a successful 25 year old Internet Marketer in Chicago. He has been an entrepreneur since age 15 when his Dad bought him $400 worth of equipment to start his career as a DJ. For New Year’s eve, he created a Facebook event, expecting 200-300 attendee at an event, however with 2700 attendees registered the owner informed him he’d only get paid $500. Austin decided to try to find an alternative venue in Chicago with only 72 hours notice. With only 24 hours notice he changed the venue on Facebook and not a single person showed up at the original location. At this time he found out that his Dad was a Venture Capitalist & Business Coach. He joined as a speaker on the circuit, but didn’t forget about his Facebook experience and soon started a business in marketing online. Today he is passionate about the possibilities and future of marketing online using Facebook. We are pleased to bring Austin to the Habitude Warrior Conference stages!