Cassandra Sullivan


About Cassandra Sullivan

Cassandra Sullivan considers her photos ‘souvenirs’ of all the people she’s met, the events she’s attended, and the places she’s been.  Each one needs to be a lasting reminder of that particular point in space and time.

For over 20 years as a professional photographer, she has been photographing people on the beaches of Cape Cod, Massachusetts for their high school yearbook, multi-generational families on vacation, and romantic exchanges of wedding vows.  For the past 5 years, she has made the Phoenix, Arizona area her ‘winter’ home and has been serving the thriving business community with her photography skills through business portraits and business branding photography.

Her goal in both the Northeast and the Southwest is to help her clients discover how good-looking they really are and prove to themselves that they do look good in portraits. She makes them feel natural, comfortable, and creates a process to allow their real selves to shine. They come away with self-confidence and images they can be proud of – and know that it was all worth it.