Claudia Soul

Founder -The Happily Ever Love Institute

About Claudia

Claudia Soul is an entrepreneur, speaker, dating and relationship coach, Psychotherapist and Founder of the Happily Ever Love Institute. After completing a Degree in Counseling and Human Change/Psychology 20 years ago, she went on to work as a Psychotherapist with thousands of clients, addressing issues such as addictions and relationships. Soul’s entry into the business world, led to her understanding of the struggle in being successful and single over 40.

Soul’s inspiration to enter the personal development field came from a challenging childhood and a series of failed relationships, which left her confused, especially in regard to love and relationships. Soul’s own personal experiences led her to understand the importance of self-awareness, letting go of emotional baggage and that the goal should be building love, as opposed to the pursuit of “Happy Ever After.”

Souls coaching clients are high-end and include CEO’s, coaches, entrepreneurs, sports people, actors and anyone over 40 who is successful but struggling with dating and finding that special one. Soul gets you ‘love activated’ and able to navigate the world of dating, find love and keep it, using her Happily Ever Love formula. Soul is definitely not what you expect and her fun, yet upfront approach will have you asking, “Why didn’t I see this before?”

Soul is regularly interviewed about dating, intimacy and personal development on radio. Coming soon is a series of E- books and world-wide Happily Ever Love events. You will also see Soul speaking internationally at events such as the Habitude Warrior Conferences in The United States on the topic of how a loving relationship can fast track the journey to success.