Speaker, Health Advocate & Gift Educator


In 2017 Cort Davies was diagnosed with one of the rarest forms of cancer on earth called a malignant paraganglioma. He was given just three years to live.  Instead of folding under the intense stress of having a late stage cancer, Cort set out on a mission to save his own life. After 7 surgeries, half of his bladder removed, and almost being paralyzed, Cort realized the cancer and his journey were a gift and that his mindset and his resolve to survive was paramount in healing. He decided to translate this gift into a Docuseries and cancer foundation to help educate cancer patients around the world, how to develop a healing mindset, and how to change destructive habits that could hinder their ability to heal.  His goal is to help initiate healing for thousands of cancer patients worldwide. Speaker Erik Swanson is proud and honored to include Cort Davies on to his Habitude Warrior Conference Legends Tour to share the stage with Speakers Erik Swanson, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, Sharon Lechter, Alec Stern, Loral Langemeier, and many more Legends in the field of success!