Dominic Carubba

Speaker, Author, Coach

About Dominic

Dominic Carubba is a Speaker, Trainer, Entertainer, Coach and published Author of the world’s shortest book on Success. He recently published “7 Pages To Success” and found a way to cut through the clutter and boil down over 30 years of Study and Experience into the “Ultimate Short Attention Span Guide to Loving Your Life and Reaching Your Full Potential.”

He started his work in organizational development when he joined the Marines and has never forgotten what it means to work on a team and to serve a higher purpose. From the Marine Corps to Stand Up Comic, Dominic learned what makes people “tick” – and laugh – to not only motivate but to engage.
He works with leaders at all levels to create a “Culture of Productivity in a World of Distraction” so that people move to the next level and turn their Vision into Results.

He specializes in training managers to be more Human. That’s right; it’s not only true that your boss could become more tolerable, it’s a necessity because over 80% of workers quit their boss and not their job. Bosses are not bad people, they are just poor communicators. Dominic helps them coach and communicate more effectively so that they are less stressed and their team is more productive.
If your boss sucks, he can help them be better. If your co-workers suck, then it’s probably you and he can help that too.

As a leadership consultant, he enjoys small to mid-sized companies of 1 to 217 and is energized when he works with sales and marketing departments of any sized company.