Dragana Ognenovska

Speaker, Author, Coach

About Dragana

Dragana is a coach, inspirational speaker, and author. Dragana works with individuals who want to reach their full potential in any aspect of their lives. She was born in Macedonia and moved to Los Angeles when she was 8 years old. In her teens, she played professional tennis on the WTA tour and during this time she visited over 30 countries.

After her tennis career, Dragana went to college and graduated from UC Berkeley in 2008. After college, she co-founded a company in the music space, and in 2010, she decided to enter the corporate world and work in finance. Dragana worked for Nestle USA for 5 years in a financial capacity working on key initiatives. There she established herself as a top performer year after year. In her free time she volunteered at an orphanage in Ghana as well as other charity organizations. Dragana was living a life where she pushed herself on a continuous basis to do it all and have it all.

During the time she was pushing herself to be a high achiever in every aspect of her life, Dragana disconnected from her real essence and ended up in the ER, in 2014 with the diagnosis of endometriosis. As she sat in the ER room, she decided to embark on her journey of awakening. Having experienced her rock bottom moment, she committed to changing her life and to connecting to a different part of herself that she always thought was out of reach or too much outside of her comfort zone.

Despite achieving success in the corporate world and experiencing wonderful moments in her tennis career, travels, volunteer missions, Dragana was not fulfilled. She didn’t realize that she wasn’t fulfilled because she was too busy with her schedule. In this moment Dragana started asking herself the simple question of what was going on. Through this, she started to uncover the layers that had been suppressed for so many years through her conditioning and limiting beliefs of why she was living this life. With this realization, a new door started to open and a new set of opportunities that were before only a figment of her wildest dreams.

As she walked through this door and towards her true self, Dragana felt comfortable with herself, started getting excited about life and believed that she could follow her dreams of becoming a speaker and catalyst for others to breakthrough, grow and achieve their dreams. Dragana knew this was her mission and purpose.

Over these years Dragana has worked with leaders in emotional intelligence, spiritual psychology, meditation, neuro-linguistic programing, coaches, ancient wisdoms, etc. and has been able to bring this education, experience and knowledge to help her clients breakthrough and let go of whatever is holding them back in any aspect of their life.

Dragana’s background, education and experiences are crucial to informing the work I do today as a coach, speaker and author.