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About Eric

Eric Lassard is the world’s Youngest Inspirational Author, Board Game Creator and Inspirational Public Speaker.

At age of 7 he founded he founded the Winner Academy, a project based learning system, set up the 12 Elements of The Winner Matrix Program, and created The Winner Matrix Board Game, to share with the world this amazing program. He wrote the book 12 Elements of the Winner Matrix that contain amazing real stories and happening in Eric’s life, supporting the importance of each element. Eric is the kind of man, “who walk the walk and talk the talk “, literary as he is an energetic and great public speaker with several public appearances.

Eric’s motto for living is: “Life is a Game, Make Your Rules. Play and Win! “and he wants to inspire people and children from all over the world that is does not matter how old you are, where are you coming from or what did you do yesterday, all that matter is to find your Game and Play!

He is the founder of the Eagle Games-Games That Make You Stronger, a company that vision is to create and distribute self development games, books, programs and to create a community where we always can find help and support!

The G.I.V.E. Project,/ Give Inspirational Valuable Education/ his first project to help around the world and it is unique as he offers English and self development courses over Skype and Google Hangout, sustained by volunteers from all over the world. Eric is born entrepreneur with a clear vision and proven records. Eric was born in 2003 in Hungary and he lives and works in Ireland.