Frank Shamrock

UFC and Mixed Martial Arts Legend

About Frank

The body is our temple..

Our mind, the unbridled power of thought, reason and intellect…
The spirit, pure consciousness and the gateway to our soul and beyond…
Today, more than ever humanity needs to anchor each living moment, every breath of existence to this essence of life. But how? Martial arts gave this gift of “The Warriors code” to Frank Shamrock.
He has dedicated himself to sharing it with the world.
Frank Shamrocks life story is the warriors code. From humble, adoptive beginnings to UFC world champion, today Shamrock is recognized as the first true mixed martial artist and most influential pioneer in the sport.

Throughout his career, his talent and charisma have combined with his deep soulful connection to the essence of the martial arts to make him the most popular and sought after fighter of his generation.
Shamrock’s record breaking performances in the ring and cage characterized by captivating martial artistry and big wins in highly contested championship matches, catapulted him into the media making him an international pop star icon in TV, Motion pictures, newspapers and magazine’s virtually overnight.

Shamrock holds significant records in multiple combat sports formats that stand today, has sold out arenas and generated record breaking audience tune in all over the world and has always dedicated himself to teaching and coaching throughout his career

Today Frank Shamrock works steadily as a broadcaster, actor, motivational speaker, coach and mentor and these talents are regularly called on from all four corners of the globe.
At 42 years young Shamrock is open to fighting in the cage again, should a meaningful reason to do so arise. In the meantime he is always willing to fight for what’s right in the world that he loves.

Message From Frank