Gladys Diaz & Michelle Roza

Speaker, Author, Coach

About The Love Twins

 Gladys Diaz and Michelle Roza, also known as The Love Twins, are certified dating and relationship coaches and co-founders of Heart’s Desire International.

They specialize in working with successful, professional women who want to experience as much – if not even more – success in their love lives as they do in their careers. Through their unique and introspective approach to attracting love and creating intimacy in relationships, Gladys and Michelle have taught women worldwide the skills which have empowered them to attract and meet the man of their dreams and reignite the love, passion, and romance in relationships that were once believed to be over.

Their own experiences of moving from heartbreak to attracting and creating new and extraordinary love have enabled them to relate to women who have experienced heartache and want to experience love again, but are frightened, unsure, and unwilling to settle for a less-than-extraordinary relationship.  They are passionate about working with women and seeing the transformation that takes place when they remove the barriers that have been blocking them from having loving, fulfilling relationships so that they are able to effortlessly create the loving, intimate lifelong relationships their hearts desire with grace, ease, and fun.

We are super pleased to bring them on to our Habitude Warrior Conference stage!