Jennifer Sutto


About Jennifer Sutto

The Sutto Twins shared their story in over 12+ podcasts on how they went from servers in a restaurant to speaking on stages and being well known in the entrepreneur event space.

Their entrepreneur journey started 2 years ago when they went to their first rave, saw a problem in the market, and solved it. They created their own formula for glitter gel that doesn’t budge once it dries and sold it to ravers through Instagram. They sold over 5 figures in glitter without running a single ad or paying influencers.
They posted on their story and went live almost every single day for 2 years straight.

They went viral on Twitter, almost got sued by Coachella, and became well known in the rave community as The Glitter Twins.

In February 2019 The Sutto Twins decided to get more serious about their business, so they started going to entrepreneur events like this one. 2 weeks later, after falling in love with entrepreneur events, they quit their full time jobs as food servers in a restaurant and drained their bank accounts flying to entrepreneur event figuring out what they wanted to do for work.

March 2019 The Sutto Twins discovered a problem in the entrepreneur event space and solved it. They started creating content for speakers and events through Instagram Stories and a couple weeks later became the head of the Social Media and Sales team for the Think and Grow Rich World Tour. Mentored by multi-millionaire John Shin, The Sutto Twins quickly became exposed to the world of business, sitting in on negotiations and having dinner with highly successful people. Dan Fleyshman talked about them on stage. John Malott predicted everyone will know them in 5 years. Steadman Graham, Oprah’s partner, had dinner with them.

Now they create content for events through Instagram stories and have spoken on 5+ stages throughout the US.

They’ll be teaching you how to use the power of Instagram Stories to network with highly successful entrepreneurs and become known in your industry.