Jenny LAndon

Suicide Prevention Coach

About Jenny Landon

Jenny Landon is the founder and executive director of Growing Out Of Darkness as well as the published author of Growing Through Grief. Her mission is to contribute something GOOD in the world specific to mental health and suicide prevention. She strives to raise awareness and end stigma while fostering hope and healing. 

Through Jenny’s personal and professional experiences, she has realized that the most effective measure to reducing the rate of depression and suicide is through demonstrating the importance of intentional living. She provides information rarely discussed in conjunction with mental health with the intention of helping her audience discover ways to pursue healthy, effective, and hope-filled lives. Jenny’s goal is to inspire authentic wellness by offering interactive presentations based on real life experiences and the most up to date research. 

It’s evident in every presentation that Jenny’s passion for helping others comes from a place of love. She has a natural gift for connecting with her listeners. Jenny’s ability to be candid and vulnerable while sharing her journey of overcoming adversity helps convey that a key element to living a life of wellness is through open and honest communication. Jenny shines a light on the fact that individual struggles may look and feel different for each of us, but it’s through sharing these struggles that we can have more meaningful and purposeful relationships.