Jessica Shaanan

Speaker, Networking Coach

About Jessica Shaanan

They call her “The Connection Queen”, Jessica Shaanan has a unique ability to bring together power players. She is passionate about mentoring women to cultivate the ‘confidence to connect,’ and deepen their network so they can grow their business. Her system helps clients boost impact and relationships in all areas of their lives, in a way that’s fun, unique to them, and facilitates rapid personal and professional growth.
Born and raised in Montreal, now residing in San Diego where she knew nobody, Jessica understands what it means to create a life from scratch. She has worked closely with c-level executives, angel investors, and some of the most innovative minds in personal development, NLP, business development, sales, software, medtech, consumer products, and more. Jessica is a dog lover, health and exercise enthusiast, world traveler, experience collector, and relentless in her belief that building connection builds a happy life.