JJ Thomas

Professional Snowboarder

About JJ Thomas

JJ Thomas has been a professional snowboarder since he was 15 years old and currently serves as the Head Coach of the US Snowboard Halfpipe Developmental Team. He is the former coach to 3X Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White, won the X-Games Gold Medal, and in 2002 was awarded an Olympic Bronze Medal in the Halfpipe Competition. JJ was a trailblazer and ambassador for the sport from the beginning, even in the perceived counterculture of professional snowboarding, helping to set the conditions and establish the culture now that produces some of the highest-performing, fittest and fearless professional athletes in the world.

One year out from the 2002 Olympics, JJ was informed by Burton Snowboards (his primary sponsor) that in their opinion he was no longer a viable contender to be in the Olympics or on the professional circuit and was past his riding prime at just 19 years old. JJ was released from Burton (fired) and had no support to continue pursuing Salt Lake. Anyone else would have likely quit, but JJ instead used it as the fuel, spark, and fire to stage a futile attempt at the Olympics in less than a year. More importantly, JJ would have the opportunity to leave his legacy on US Snowboarding, helping to guide the transition of training (and mentality) of snowboarding forever. In a sport (at the time) riddled with inconsistent practice schedules, perceived lack of discipline, lack of physical training and nutrition, JJ aimed to do the opposite, and to the absolute extreme. He began down the warrior path he is now well-known for and helped so many other athletes achieve. He secured a trainer, dietitian, and a personal snowboard coach on his way to becoming one of the fittest and strongest Olympians in the country. All was done unnoticed until he qualified for the 2002 Olympics and eventually won the Olympic Bronze Medal.

Like most professional snowboarders and their fearless personalities, JJ faced several injuries, but due to his physical fitness routine, nutrition, and mental toughness second to none, he was able to mount comeback after comeback. Some of the greatest athletes in the sport took notice, to include three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Shaun White. JJ became Shaun’s personal coach and helped to ensure he is cemented as one of the greatest and most accomplished Extreme Athletes in history, being by his side when he won Olympic Gold again in 2018.

JJ has taken his role as a leader, teacher, coach, pioneer, and Olympic Medalist to US Ski and Snowboard to help build the future gold medalists on the US Snowboard Halfpipe Developmental Team. He continues to mentor other high-performing individuals through public speaking and one-on-one performance coaching. JJ desires to take the same spirit and will to win that beat all odds in 2002, to help others from all walks of life to be the best versions of themselves. To find out more or work directly with JJ Thomas, visit www.jjthomascoaching.com.

Habitude Warrior Conference is pleased to add JJ Thomas to Speaker Erik Swanson’s stage as one of the Experts on the Habitude Warrior Athlete’s Mindset Panel!