Keith Aichele

Speaker, Branding and Marketing Expert

About Keith

Keith Aichele, America’s Marketivity ExpertTM, is the Founder and CEO of Misaic. He is an internationally recognized speaker, accomplished author and successful entrepreneur. Keith’s passion is helping business owners to “Unleash Entrepreneurial Success” by creating scalable and sustainable business models beyond anything they could ever imagine. He is a Keynote at America’s largest trade show for entrepreneurs and small businesses, reaching 14 major US cities and nearly 100,000 entrepreneurs.

Leveraging his diverse background in marketing, statistics, technology, and entrepreneurship, he has created an innovative approach to helping businesses achieve extraordinary, sustainable success through marketing strategy and analytics. He has developed the concept of Marketivity, which is the science of Marketing focused on mastering the 15 P’s of marketing.

Keith teaches businesses all across the country how to acheive Ultimate Marketing Productivity through his groundbreaking Misaic Ultimate Marketing Academy Live 2-day Academy; which has been compared to the likes of Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, and others. His concepts are so unique and innovative, that has been asked to teach these principles at one of the world’s top 5 universities as he mentors a new incubator program for entrepreneurs.

Keith also owns an angel investment company, Misaic Ventures, that works with hand-selected entrepreneurs to accelerate their business and achieve extraordinary levels of success.
Misaic implements Keith’s principles and strategies, combined with proprietary technologies, to enable its clients to “Unleash Entrepreneurial Success”. Misaic also remains the leader in business health forecasting, offering a variety of solutions and consulting services to support proper business health monitoring.