Laurel Huston

About Laurel Huston

Laurel Huston is the creator of Body Mapping, Keynote Presenter, Confidence Coach and President of Reflections – Inside & Out 

We each have an extraordinary purpose in this life experience. All of us, not just some had such important rolls to fulfill that our creator gave you reminders, markers on your body to help you remember gifts, talents and abilities you have. Learn what they are through Body Mapping. Laurel Dawn is the creator of Body Mapping, a technique based on Anatomy and Physiology, Body Language and 20 years experience as a Confidence Coach. While working with clients Laurel started to track and discover that all people have identify “markers” bodies that signify gifts and abilities given to us by our creator to help us remember we have a purpose and mission in this life experience.  She uses Mapping to help other identify communication styles, change habits, improve intimate relationships, increase money and sales, and find confidence in their bodies.  Laurel has done over 2400 presentations in the last 4 years and love to empower and inspire others to find their highest truest self. She does this through live classes, on line courses, retreats and mentoring. She is a wife of 12 years, mother of 3, confidence coach, mentor, presenter and Mom-prenuer.