Loren Harris

Speaker, Author, Coach

About Loren Harris

Loren Harris is a motivator. A former foster child, Loren strives to inspire and uplift every person who crosses his path. He has overcome every obstacle put in his path. Even himself. His message shows those who want to know, that while life is full of challenges, “it is our challenges that provide us our greatest opportunities for growth and learning,” Loren says. 

Loren Harris wears many hats. Entrepreneur. Business coach. Personal development and motivational coach. Public speaker.

One of his favorite hats is mentoring. The “Break Through Coach,” author and friend, Loren believes that we are all a part of “The Ripple Effect,” and that it is his duty to use his story to create a ripple that will reach around the globe. 

To achieve this, Loren is embarking on a tour in 2018, speaking from the heart to give hope to those who are desperate to break through the various “glass ceilings” of their lives. “My goal in life is to expose as many people as possible to this systematic approach that has  worked 100 percent in providing a template for me to follow, a template that has provided me with a life that before I only dreamed about.” 

Loren loves his Creator, loves being creative, and he loves books, music and all things of beauty. His favorite saying is: “I love me.” 

In addition to his soon to be released album, Turn It Around, available Sept. 20,  Loren has been featured on Larry King Live; NPR; PEOPLE Magazine; ABC; NBC; CBS; CNN; and FOX.  

Speaker Erik Swanson is honored to have Loren Harris join him on his stage at the Habitude Warrior Conferences!