Luna Shimada


About Luna Shimada

LUNA  SHIMADA is the the world’s premier Female Magician. Born and raised in show business and following in the footsteps of her famous Magician father ‘SHIMADA’ from Japan, Luna broke all the boundaries of traditional magic but simply being a women in a male dominated field. Known as a Motivational Performance Artist, Luna shares wisdoms and teachings that provoke a  sense of awakening in her audiences combining inspirational scripting with highly visual metaphorical magic and imagery. More than just a mere entertainer, she takes you to deeper levels of the experience
in what she calls “Enter-Attainment”.
Luna has been performing in top venues across four continents from Europe to Japan to America, and the showrooms of Las Vegas. Luna has also been featured in countless American network TV specials such as,  the PBS series “Art of Magic”  and  “Mystery’s of Magic”,  “Magic’s Greatest Illusions” on TLC  and “Grand Illusions, The Story of Magic”  for Discovery  and most recently also featured in two new documentaries, “Women in Boxes”  and  “A  Magical Vision” by Montrose Productions about the great magical philosophers.  Luna was also the recipient of the prestigious  “World Magic Award”  as “Best Female  Magician” of 2007 which aired nationwwide on prime time Fox network.
Luna is a philosopher and  a teacher of magic and founder of The Shimada Legacy School of Magic.
Her many talents encompass music, writing, dance, performance art and poetry.