Martin Lopez

Speaker, Author, Coach

About Martin Lopez

Martin Lopez is an emerging Speaker, Author, Trainer and Coach in the personal development industry. His book The Curiosity Theory is a powerful methodology that radically changes the way we look at life, the way we look at ourselves and the way we look at each other. Martin’s gift is strengthening professional and personal relationships by applying curiosity thus improving communication and collaboration at a fundamental level. Curiosity helps individuals, teams and organizations work together more openly and efficiently. During his 30+ years in business, Martin has seen opportunities lost due to misaligned energy, conflict and self-sabotaging communications. Almost every time, the issues were fixable:

• Simple misunderstandings
• Personal disagreements
• Fear-driven distrust

The Curiosity Theory is the culmination of Martin’s search for answers on how to transform the tension and destruction he found in conflict into connection, creativity and results.