Melissa Hull

Inspirational Speaker, Author, Television Personality

About Melissa Hull

Melissa Hull travels the world as a covetable inspirational keynote speaker, television personality, author, business consultant, and award-winning artist.  She has transcended her own vulnerability, trauma, and pain to live her higher purpose and passion: helping others live their best life by coaching and consulting them to overcome personal and professional obstacles in order to reach their highest aspirations. In addition to being a keynote speaker, Melissa is the Creative Content Producer for the E360 TV Network and the Founder and CEO of GLOBEX Multimedia Group LLC, Globex TV Network, and Modern Day Celebrity LLC. Melissa is also the President of Live Mana Worldwide Agency, an innovative advertising platform; and she is the Host of The Melissa Hull Show, which reaches over 186 million screens per month. The Power of Leadership! The journey to leadership can only be accomplished when we commit to self-discovery, asking ourselves what we stand for and how we can assist others in becoming the best versions of themselves.