Michael Butler

Book Launch Expert

About Michael Butler

Most proud of his 4 grown sons and 2 grandsons, Michael D. Butler has been called a Book Launch Expert by his competitors and his fans. After starting Beyond Publishing just 20 months ago his team has published over 130 titles by 60 different authors on several different continents and that includes over 100 “Best-Sellers.”

Brian Tracy, America’s Premier Business Expert says, “Michael’s team is exceptional at what they do and are some of the best in their space working with Authors.” Clients have spoken on Ted Stages, graduated from Ivy League schools like Cornell, been seen on Fox News, CNN, Fox Business, Rolling Stone, Forbes and TMZ.

Some of Michael D’s past and current clients are: Chubby Checker, Les Brown, Jr and Forbes Riley. Beyond Publishing’s Authors have seen 2 movies get funded and win 27 film awards. Butler’s greatest passion is seeing stories become living legacies as Author’s take to the stage and create their future with their book, their workshop and their life movie. This year Butler will speak in 12+ countries. Speaker Erik Swanson is excited to bring on Michael Butler to the Habitude Warrior Conferences!