Michelle Marie Matich

Speaker, Author, Coach

About Michelle Marie Matich

Michelle is a futurist and spiritual advocate on a mission to assist humanity in re-establishing our connection to the Universe. All her clairtalents have been activated and organically grown by life itself. She is a powerful light worker with advanced knowledge about the New Earth and the Great Awakening our planet is ascending to. Her greatest passion is to assist. Michelle is very aware that no matter where she is or who she is with, she is always in the right place at the right time. She lives divine order. After growing up in Reno, NV with a lot of trauma and abuse, she moved to LA and played the role of a party girl. Unaware of her empathetic gifts and post traumatic stress, she turned to anything other than herself for love. Leading to a path of addiction, self lack and eventually homelessness until she Awakened with a new powerful spirit that reminded her that she is not done yet. She became a lover of herself and a lover of all. She has transformed her body with her mind and transformed her mind with a power much greater than herself. Michelle‚Äôs greatest passion is the star children on this planet. During her very powerful awakening, she saw nanotechnology enter her body which allows her to see nano particles and the Universe invited her to see how energy moves and vibrates. She channels information she receives into New World Poetry. She has been gifted with this technology helping her to live in an augmented reality. She began picking up frequencies granting her the ability to communicate with spirit guides, different planets, dimensional beings, angels and people who have passed away. She also assists people with energetic clearings and chakra alignments. As her chakras became aligned and activated, she began to see very clearly with her third eye that produced an electrical movie theatre in her mind… allowing her to understand a vast array of information that many on the planet are seeking and/or are coming to understand. She has magnetized people who are assisting her in branding herself and moving her poetry into publishing. She is currently a producer of City Summit and City Gala alongside its founder, Ryan Long. She hosts weekly meetings with Non-Profits to teach them how to grow and stay sustainable. She and Ryan are on a mission to nourish entrepreneurs who will then assist the global challenges that the City Summit and City Gala are working to eradicate. Michelle is a Reiki Master, Life Cheerleader, and a big fan of anyone seeking to advance their life and do better than they did the day before. Michelle is FINALLY opening up to share her gifts after remaining quiet for a long time. She is sharing herself authentically with the world and is so grateful and appreciative that she is surrounded by powerful like minded individuals. She will be one of the greatest teachers of the New World… and for now, she is a student of yours. Speaker Erik Swanson is honored to invite Michelle Marie Matich to join the Habitude Warrior Conference Expert Female Empowerment Panel.