Mikey Cohen

Hollywood Photographer

About Mikey Cohen

Mikey Adam Cohen is a music/entertainment/health/wellness & motivational 

influencer firmly entrenched in smooth jazz/

rock/hip-hop R & B & EDM. Mikey has 

a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication 

design with an emphasis in media arts from 

California State University, Chico, co-founder 

of smooth Jazz Live, an online contemporary 

jazz magazine, & five large Facebook group w/

over 50,000 members each. He is also a TV show co-

host and social media concierge for Inside The 

Music On LA Talk Radio. Live in 164 countries. 

Also a long time history of activism. 

Lending his voice and mentoring to LGBTQ 

youth and wanting to make a difference, he set 

out to work w/ then-Mayor Maureen O’Connor 

of San Diego to change our school system 

and the streets of San Diego by being a part of 

the Mayor’s youth summit. He recalls meeting 

with Mayor O’Connor in her office with others; 

they made changes in the school system to 

create a purpose-driven curriculum that can 

combat violence and gangs on our streets and 

in our schools, also making changes in arts, 

etc. W/ His father Jack Cohen 

for photography which led us to create our 

YouTube Video Channel (http://www.youtube.

com/user/jack4951), which has 3.1 million hits 

and counting per month.

Mikey’s latest passion is on the steering 

committee / C.A.Y.S., an organization 

founded by Stedman Graham through his 

network/work w/ of Agenda Magazine/Jazz In MEE Magazine,TheHollywood360/Success Profiles Magazine 

as well as his media talk show Under The Influence TV Show (Celebrating Purpose & Sharing It W/ The World.A graphic artist. His 2 current loves are Influencer for www.Clar8ty.Com/MrClar8ty & He is a sponsor/entrepreneur recruiter with GPK Pairing Celebrities/& All The Major Media Opportunities W/ Clients Brands To get them maximum exposure @ the Oscars Emmys,AMAs,Grammys,SuperBowl, & Many other Gifting Suites