Ona Brown

Speaker, Author, Coach

About Ona

Ona Brown has dedicated 22 years of work and research to find exceptional results towards the Human Development Industry. In 1995, she started her consulting, coaching and training firm, World Impact Now (W.I.N.) with the mission to transform lives daily. W.I.N. uses a phenomenally organic and practical approach to transform leadership and ultimately empower the organization as a whole. Ona Brown’s no-nonsense approach to delivering clear solutions for successful living
allows people to escape from ongoing daily demands and focus in on what is required in order to attain the next level of great achievement and quality living.

Ona’s clients enjoy the “Ona Brown Experience” providing thought provoking content, effective balancing tactics for our rapid culture, life-altering/enriching stories and stress releasing humor. The “Ona Brown Experience” has helped to improve some of the largest organizations in the world including: Xerox, Chiro One, Coca Cola, Guardian Group, Women of Wealth Conference, Project Management Institute and National Association of African Americans in Human Resources.

Daughter of world-renowned motivational speaker Les Brown, Ona is carrying his legendary motivational torch. Ona enhanced her father’s influence by negotiating his first highest paid international contract. She also created and implemented her signature “personal touch marketing system” which resulted in doubling her Father’s speaking engagements in just one year.

Ona is known as “The Message Midwife!” because of her amazingly intuitive ability to help other speakers find their voices or enhance their effectiveness on stage. Her methods have helped over 400 doctors improve their communication skills to their patients as well.

Ona has starred in motivational film, The Compass Movie, which was a follow-up to The Secret, and has also been featured in John Maxwell events. She holds the accolade of the Top 5 Speakers in the World by Toastmasters International. Along with her speaking and film presence, Ona is also a profound writer, authoring various works including How to Fall in Love with Your Life, Answer the Call, Quotes 2 Go!, Discover the Greatest YOU Ever, Affirmacise , Affirmacise Take 2, When the Seasons Change, Speak Now…or Forever Wish You Had!, My Someday Begins Today and Youth Empowerment.

“The Dream Queen’s” expertise has allowed her to help people throughout the world, in places such as Johannesburg, South Africa, Barbados, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Amman, Jordan.