Speaker, Poet, Author


Chief Master Sergeant, United States Air Force veteran, Pamela Peté is a speaker, poet, author, founder and CEO of Masterful Purpose, LLC, a global speaking and personal development company. Pamela believes where you are today, is exactly where you will be five years from now unless you discover your gifts, live on purpose and set goals with action steps. 

Pamela is a transformational speaker, and goal coach. Her mission is to help Christian business women and entrepreneurs, get clarity of purpose, and have crazy amounts of success achieving goals like never before. Pamela’s coaching and speaking style and debt of information is eye-opening and life changing.

A sought-after award-winning speaker, Pamela gives her audiences a life changing, stand up and shout experience that is unforgettable.  Passion is behind her phenomenal effect on people. She enables them to see clearly and rise higher, turning dreams into goals and goals into realities. Pamela teaches how to over-come self-sabotaging habits, fears, and self, set sky-high action steps for goal mastery to her audiences and workshops with phenomenal goal achieving results. 

Pamela speaks from experience. She went from a homeless run-away, high school drop-out to top enlisted military rank of Chief Master Sergeant, a position fewer than one percent achieve, and even fewer women. Pamela connects with her audience and they see their ability to be phenomenally successful through her transparency and conversation.

Pamela is the host of “Masterful Purpose Facebook Live” a Facebook live event every Monday at 6pm PST. A program that gives tips and tools on goal setting. Her philanthropic contribution is facilitating “Masterful Purpose Goal Achiever Workshops” at women’s shelters, schools, and veteran facilities. 

Pamela also founded two not for profit organizations M2G Usafi Ahadi (Me to God Purity Pledged) whose goal is to empower young girls and prevent, teenage pregnancy, suicide, and drug abuse. The other is Wisdom Readers a literacy program, whose goal is to improve reading skills of children, promote book reading and catch those children falling through educational cracks due to poor reading skills.  

Pamela lives in Hesperia California with her husband Larry. When she is not speaking and writing she is enjoying her grandchildren, garden, photography, and writing poetry.