Peter Brandl

Pilot, Speaker, Author, Coach

About Peter

Peter Brandl is an international communication expert, professional pilot and flight instructor from Germany. more He has over 20 years experience in consulting and training for executives, teams, salespeople, and flight crews. Besides his consulting business, he has built up several companies and worked as a sales manager and CEO. Peter has spoken at events in 14 countries on 3 continents and authored multiple books. “Crash Communication” is published in English by Morgan James Publishing New York.“Hudson River: The Art of Making Tough Decisions” was selected as one of the best career books in Germany. As a commercial pilot, he applies lessons from aviation to today’s management challenges. As a speaker he takes his audience on a journey between airliner cockpits and business issues offering take-away tools, resources and strategies on leadership and communication. His clients include Airbus, Audi,Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, IBM, Mazda, Microsoft, Credit Suisse and Rockwell.