Sanja Hatter

Speaker, Philanthropist, Mamapreneur


Sanja Hatter is the co-founder of Thrive: Make Money Matter. At Thrive our Attendees discover how to build and sustain a “for purpose” business model, going beyond just making money, but making money matter to create a tremendously positive impact. This is the intersection of success, wealth and legacy.

Sanja is an immigrant from Serbia that never expected to have the life that she has today. In her first season of “adulthood” she earned a degree in criminal justice and a minor in psychology. She worked at Laguna Beach Police Department in Special Investigations/homicide and on the weekend was a bartender.

Today Sanja is a wife, daughter, sister, mamapreneur CEO boss lady, philanthropist, chef, maid, bikini fitness champion, speaker, and a mama to two amazing little terrorists. Speaker Erik Swanson is honored in inviting Sanja Hatter to join the Expert Female Panel at the Habitude Warrior Conference Legends Tour this year.